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Fuel gas is commonly used to feed turbine engines in the power generating industry.
Preliminary fuel treatment is mandatory to ensure removal of solid, liquid and gas contaminants. …


Fuel skids are modular unit complete with piping, supports, tubing, valve assemblies, filters, instrumentation, wiring on board and junction boxes and are suitable for direct fired heaters, water bath heaters, incinerators and other combustion applications. …

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The making of piping and the subsequent assembly are two of the most critical phases in plant construction. SITES has always organised these activities with highest care so as to ensure, through proper planning, the availability of the right resources, equipment and machinery. SITES S.r.l. supports its clients with feasibility and availability studies, in planning the availability of materials in consideration of the ISOís issued for construction, by this improving the management of materials, the efficiency and optimization of the assembly programs. SITES S.r.l. has gained considerable experience in the techniques of handling and welding a wide range of materials (carbon steels, LTCS, austenitic steel, duplex steel, low alloy steel, incoloy, etc.) as well as the welding of high thickness pipes, up to 15 mm: for these works, SITES is equipped with portable, technologically advanced machinery, in order to perform pipes cutting and preparation of ìsingle bevel or double bevel compoundî. This equipment can easily be used in the prefabrication workshop or on-site during assembly. SITES S.r.l. has an up-to-date series of machinery including electric-welding machines, engine driven welding machines, equipment for PWHT etc.
Non-Destructive Tests are normally contracted to specialised companies capable to perform any kind of tests, including PMI, ultrasound tests and TOFD. Our know-how also includes experienced knowledge in the assembling of underground piping, using non-metallic materials (GRP, GRE), and the execution of joints on-site. The tightening of bolts rods for flanges up to 1800 Nm and the carrying out of hydraulic testing up to pressures of 400 bars complete our companyís technological capabilities in the field of piping.

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Lube oil consoles, seal oil systems and control oil systems are designed to provide pressurized lubricating oil to various types of industrial rotating equipment. …


Natural gas has no smell and is highly explosive. Regulations require odorization in exact quantities, in order to detect every leak, no matter how slight, during distribution, reloading or transport. …

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Chemical injection skids or ‘pump skid systems’ are terms used to describe integrated packages mounted on a common base plate. …


Sites design fluid metering systems for accurate measurement and sampling of various hydrocarbon liquids ranging in viscosity. …

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The blender unit is designed for mixing incoming products with percentages regulated by control valves and flow transmitters and obtain different products on the out-coming lines that are pressure controlled by control valve and pressure transmitter. …


Thanks to over twenty years of activity in this sector, SITES S.r.l. is now a leading company in electric systems.
For our customers, we make turnkey systems in high, medium and low voltage, systems for areas at risk of explosion, special plants.
Through careful engineering and planning, we can make system revamping with minimal downtime. Local Control Panel.
The preparation of our technical staff (both in our main office and on site) allows us to manage the construction of turnkey plants in full autonomy, which makes customers reduce the use of their own technical staff.
We build electrical panels in our workshop, both power center, MCC and distribution panels, which will then be mounted on the plants, thereby ensuring high quality standards.


We build industrial automation systems with the help of most updated control equipment available on the market (PLC, DCS, SCADA systems).
We have made material handling equipment, production facilities and chemical storage systems, gas extraction systems, remote control systems, process plants. We make all management software, related to both control (PLC and DCS) and supervisory systems. The company has committed in staff training (especially in this area), in order to ensure high levels of technical preparation. We are able to deal with your engineers to study the most appropriate solution to the automation of your production process.


Indirect bath heaters have a wide variety of successful applications in the oil and gas production, processing and transmission industry. …

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SITES takes care of engineering and construction of complete hydraulic system designed to operate any number of valves from a single control center. …


The regenerative thermal oxidizer allows the oxidation of VOCs by increasing the temperature of polluted air beyond the 750° C; with the setting system heat from the exothermic oxidation reaction …

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Solvent recovery is effected through the transfer (adsorption) gas emission pollutant contained in an adsorbent material …


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Our new SRRP technology foresees the use of a steam current for the regeneration …

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